Page Turner

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Музика Освіта
Розробник: Cleartone Software
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Page Turner is an iPad application that has been designed to allow you to play sheet music in PDF format from beginning to end without having to remove your hands from your instrument. Pager Turner also makes it convenient to study your music by giving you a variety of options for navigating through a score, including rapid, smooth scrolling and magnification up to 4x. In addition, by making it easy to add and delete files and folders (even folders within folders), Page Turner is great for playing, storing, and studying your music.

There is a wealth of music in PDF format on the internet, and much of it is free of charge. Youll find classical, jazz, and popular music in this format from many different sources. in many cases you can download it directly into Page Turner, and, when necessary or desired, you can easily upload files and folders from your computer. If you create your own music and own a Mac, youll find it very easy to convert any music you have on your computer into PDF files. PC owners should find it only slightly more difficult.

Once you have your music loaded just hit the play button and the score automatically scrolls ahead at a tempo of your choosing. You can even control the space between the pages to keep more of the music in front of you, making it easier to follow the score and to choose an appropriate tempo. If you are studying a score you can go directly to a particular page, return to the beginning with a tap of a button, or scroll smoothly with a swipe of your finger. The latest updates also allow you to zoom in, zoom out, and scroll continuously when you tap the play button at whatever magnification you have selected.

While designed for music, Page Turner can be used with any PDF file, so its convenient for storing your program notes and other music-related materials, as well. In addition, files downloaded into the program can saved to your computer so you dont have to worry about using up valuable storage space on your iPad. If youd like to see more detailed instructions on how to use the program, please visit our website. Questions? Feel free to send us an email. Well do our best to answer your questions thoroughly and promptly.